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Community BSF composting
Three birds with one stone?

  • Solve your food waste issue and reduce your communities carbon footprint,
  • Enrich your soils with the compost,
  • And provide a rich source of feeds for your chicken and fish farmers.

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Bulk BSF larvae
Feed your chicken or fish with ecologically sourced protein.

  • Sustainable and local source of protein for your chicken or fish, 
  • Encourages natural foraging instinct, 
  • Available in the Davao region.

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Dried BSF larvae for pets
Ecological pet food (dried BSF larvae)

  • Healthy pet food for all insectivores,
  • Crispy and tasty with high protein and calcium content, 
  • Easy and convenient to store.

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BSF larvae for pets
For domestic pets.

Ecologically sourced natural food for your pets.

  • Healthy and fresh for your birds, small mammals, fish and reptiles, 
  • The live larvae excite the senses of your animals. 

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Backyard BSF pod
Backyard BSF pod

Coming soon!

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