Sustainable solution for upcycling community food waste

Combating climate change
Curbing GHG emissions
Cleaning communities
Contributing to food security

Finding solutions to communities' food waste issues

By producing value from organic waste, we are able to help communities and food companies resolve their food waste issue:

  • Reducing their waste to Landfill (reducing costs),
  • Cleaning the community,
  • Minimising their carbon footprint.

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Upcycle foodwaste

Our Nature based solution

Introducing Black Soldier Fly Larvae composting

Black soldier flies (BSF), or Hermetia illumens, are inoffensive flies, found naturally in the Philippines.

  • Capable of transforming large quantities of food waste in very short time,
  • Eliminate the smell of decomposing food,
  • Reduce the presence of house flies,
  • Inactivate disease transmitting bacteria, such as Salmonella spp.
  • As feed for livestock, they consist up to 42% protein and ±30% crude fat,
  • As flies, they only live for 5 to 10 days, only consume water and do not bother humans,
  • A safe nature based technology.

The technology has been deployed successfully in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, China amongst others, and researched extensively in Europe.

What is BooSterFrass?

BooSterFrass is 100% natural fertilizer that contains a rich blend of NPK and other micronutrients. BooSterFrass is the residue product from Black soldier fly larvae (BSF) that we cultivate and grow in LimaDol to transform food waste.

Organic fertilizer for your plants

Ideal for flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, farms and people that are looking for all natural and chemical free fertilizer.

What is Greenpecker?

Greenpecker are the grown larvae of the Black Soldier flies. Available as live, dried or crumbled, they have high protein content, with a good of amino acid profile, high in omega fatty acids and calcium.

Healthy insect protein for your animals

BSF larvae are the ideal source of protein for domestic animals, including chicken and fish, as well as pet fish, birds and reptiles.

The perfect replacement for unsustainable feeds and fishmeal!

About LimaDOL

We are passionate about the environment.

We aim to contribute to:

  • Diverting all food waste away from Mindanao landfills,
  • Reducing methane (a potent global warming gas),
  • Enriching the soils with natural fertilisers,
  • Replacing imported fishmeal or soya to feed organic livestock.

We have an operations center in Barangay Tacunan, Davao City, started in March 2021.

We are members of Sustainable Davao Movement, and are working with:

  • Eco-Ateneo,
  • Break free from plastic coalition,
  • LGU MINTAL and LGU Tacunan,
  • PHINLA project and MIRCA

LimaDOL - registered with SEC as "FiveDOL Upcycling Corporation", with Reg No. CS201966598.

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