About LimaDOL

We are passionate about the environment.

We aim to contribute to:

  • Diverting all food waste away from Mindanao landfills, 
  • Reducing methane (a potent global warming gas),
  • Enriching the soils with natural fertilisers,
  • Replacing imported fishmeal or soya to feed organic livestock.  

We have an operations center in Barangay Tacunan, Davao City, started in March 2021.  You are welcome to visit our premises.

You can watch a short presentation on our inauguration of LimaDOL - May 27 2021

We are members of Sustainable Davao Movement, and are working with:

  • Eco-Ateneo,
  • Break free from plastic coalition,
  • LGU Tacunan,
    helping Tacunan LGU to become a Zero Waste Barangay.

LimaDOL - registered with SEC as "FiveDOL Upcycling Corporation", with Reg No. CS201966598.